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Reduced hours working at Impression

This article was updated on: 10.02.2023

We are delighted to announce that we will be starting a 6-month trial of reduced working hours at Impression.

The trial will begin on Friday 3rd March and will mean that no one in the business will work Friday afternoons. This will give our people the chance to enjoy the additional time before the weekend, doing the things that are important to them. 

We conduct an annual focus group to discuss our benefits, which gives us the opportunity to understand what really matters to our people. Having more time back in the working week was a popular request and so we were keen to explore what this could look like for Impression. 

We’ve communicated the change to our existing clients, who are all very supportive and intrigued to hear how it goes. And we’ve been considering what internal tweaks we can make to ensure that the trial is successful. 

At Impression, we are a very people-focused organisation, so to be able to explore this opportunity to further balance work and life is very exciting! 

We will communicate how it’s going throughout the trial period, but if you are reading this and curious, feel free to reach out to our People Director Zoë.