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Impression Celebrates Success in Google Tag Manager Exams

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Google regularly tests agencies like ours to ensure our skills are up to date and that we are indeed expert in using Google tools. Primarily, this means taking exams every 18 months to prove our abilities in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, but there are also exams provided by Google when a new tool is adopted.

This month, the Impression team have been taking their Google Tag Manager Fundamentals exam. This exam tests our skills with using Google’s Tag Manager – and we all passed.

Tag Manager can be a really powerful tool when used properly, enabling marketers to effect the tracking on their websites without as much reliance on developers to implement tracking codes on their behalf. It can help you to do things like:

  • Track purchases made across your site
  • Gain insight into specified data metrics such as product type or range, using the Data Layer
  • Specify events such as video watches or bookings

Of course, all of this has been previously available too, but required much more developer input. Tag Manager enables you to add and change tags much more freely – and links in to third party applications like Google Analytics and AdWords.

If you’d like to find out more about how Tag Manager can be used to improve your website’s performance, and to talk to use more widely about your digital marketing needs, get in touch on 01158 242 212 or email