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Impression achieves Great Place to Work Certification™ for a second year

This article was updated on: 08.11.2022

Last year, we took part in the Great Place to Work survey. Based on the results of this survey, we were able to gain insight into our culture, areas that people enjoyed, and areas that we could improve.

It was invaluable data for us internally and the scores we received from our people were amazing. In addition to this, we gained insight into our external positioning. We were listed for:


This was all an incredible achievement! But we didn’t want to rest on our laurels… so this year we ran the survey again for two reasons.

  1. To, once again, gather insights from our people
  2. To see if we could improve on our scores from last year, based on the feedback we received in the last survey. 

I’m delighted to share that once again, we have scored phenomenally well across all areas of the survey, and I could not be more proud of this result. It is a huge team effort to make Impression such a fantastic place to work, and every individual has contributed to this. 

Some of our scores are shown below – and the comments that we received provided further context, which were very encouraging. This validated to us that we are doing the right things for our People and we will continue to do so moving into 2023. 

Next on the agenda, we have just conducted a company wide benefits focus group, and improvements are being discussed off the back of this. We have recently hired a Learning and Development role into the People team, as a big focus for 2023 will be the development of our people. 

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