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Impression partners with city’s universities to provide digital marketing advice to local businesses

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

On Wednesday 7th September 2016, Impression partnered with Nottingham University Business School and Nottingham Business School to host a ‘Strategic Digital Marketing’ workshop with the aim of helping local businesses boost their online visibility and contribute to the digital growth of the city.

Held in the Sir Colin Campbell Building on the Jubilee Campus, the fully-booked event was attended by 70 alumni and business associates of the Nottingham Trent University and The University of Nottingham.

Participants took part in a fast-paced morning of interactive workshops led by four different members of the Impression team, who each provided advice on a different area of digital marketing.

These included SEO account manager Pete Jovetic’s ‘Getting found on Google’, which focused on attracting and retaining customers through SEO, and ‘Generating a worthwhile return on paid advertising investments’, from PPC Account Manager Liam Wade, who explained paid advertising in detail.

As a Nottingham based digital agency, we’re very proud of our heritage and work closely with the universities and other local authorities to promote the city.

Impression’s directors, Tom and Aaron, witnessed the growth of the digital industry in the city of Leeds while studying there, and are strong believers that Nottingham is at the beginning of a similar digital boom, driven by inward investment as well as the city’s growing community of digital marketers who host regular meet-ups and share experiences.

The workshops were followed by a period of networking, during which we received the following feedback from a local business;  Carolyn Mees of L. R. Mees Ltd in Bingham, said: “The informative morning spent at Nottingham University, with speakers from Impression, proved extremely valuable towards improving our presence as a company online.”

Alumni manager at Nottingham University Business School, Adrian Mateo, said: “Effective digital and social media marketing is a key strategic consideration in any forward thinking business. It is great news – both for the local and national economy – that Nottingham is taking such a strong lead in the digital arena, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with an award winning company like Impression and be able to offer our alumni and associates the chance to develop fundamental skills and knowledge that will help their business develop and grow.”

Lizzy Martin, business development officer at Nottingham Business School, added: “Providing an accessible platform for local businesses to build their skills and professional knowledge in a key strategic business area, such as Strategic Digital Marketing, is a key priority for Nottingham Trent University and we are delighted to partner with Impression and Nottingham University on this workshop.

“Not only did delegates hear tips and advice to help them grow their business through simple online techniques, but they also had the opportunity to apply what they’d learnt.

“Our continued working relationship with Impression and the University of Nottingham through the delivery of events such as this illustrates our drive to support our local businesses through ensuring the skills match those that organisations need to grow and prosper.”

Members of the Impression team will be hosting a Growth Workshop event on the 16th November with the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council. Visit our events page to find out more.