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Digital Day 2017

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

BIMA’s Digital Day has soon come around again…

After taking part in Digital Day 2016 for the first time we made sure that we took part in this annual event again and were thrilled to be partnered with Nottingham Girls High School.

I learnt all about the benefits that exist within digital marketing when I worked abroad for a year and subsequently discovered SEO. Before that, I often felt like my German and Philosophy degree didn’t play to my strengths, yet SEO and digital marketing does just that. I’m a firm believer that there’s a path for everyone in digital, and this day was really reflective of all the endless possibilities.

George and I, both from the SEO team, headed over to Nottingham Girls High School to run their first ever Digital Day. Tim Ellis, Head of Design and Technology, and Hayley Charlton, Director of E-Learning and Digital Strategy, joined us for the day.

Chloe and George during Digital Day 2017

The day began by giving the girls an introduction into the world of digital and explaining a bit about what we do here at Impression. We showed them some real case studies from our own clients and explained how we use different technologies in our day-to-day work.

After giving the class of 20 students aged 14-17 an introduction to digital, the groups of 3-5 were given the choice of 3 tasks which included creating a digital device to make life at school easier, something for a pet and a digital product that you can wear!

George, who also joined me on the day, said, “This was my first time taking part in Digital Day and I didn’t really know what to expect. The ideas that the girls came up with on the day and the pitches that they presented were of an incredibly high standard and I was really impressed. Hayley and Tim looked after us really well with plenty of biscuits and the questions that the girls asked us were insightful and they clearly made the most of the day.”

Kitty was one of the sixth form students who took part in the day and showed a great interest in how digital marketing and SEO works. She said,“I really enjoyed digital day! Not only was it an informative day but also really productive. We learnt about the hugely varied roles within the digital industry and realised the common misconception that digital qualifications are needed to get a job in the industry. The opportunity to work with other year groups in a creative environment helped us to think outside the box. Working as part of a team with people we’re unfamiliar with is a good experience because it’s similar to in a professional environment.

“The representatives of Impression were so friendly and happy to answer my endless questions. Not only did they seem genuinely enthusiastic about their work but also appear to work hard at it whilst having fun, the exact work/life balance we all aspire to achieve. I can certainly see myself working in a company similar to Impression in the future but most of all I hope one day I am as passionate about my job as they clearly were about theirs.”

Nottingham Girl’s High School are a big advocate in digital learning where all the girls each have their own iPad which they use for lessons and in their own private study time. One of the groups came up with an idea to have a digital glass desk instead of using phones, laptops, iPads and digital whiteboards – a great well-thought through idea!

The winning group who designed the ‘Watch Dog’ app

It was incredibly difficult to choose a winner but the winner was a group who designed an app for pets called ‘watch dog.’ They took ideas from current apps, channels, and products such as Strava, Facebook, and FitBits and turned it into a great concept that would undoubtedly be a hit with dog owners. This piece has now been sent off to BIMA and entered into a national prize draw!

Tim Ellis, Head of Design and Technology at the school said the following about the day, “The students experienced an amazing day and were very impressed with the professional presentation from Impression. They were able to ask a number of questions and gain a useful insight into the digital marketing business. Chloe and George spoke about their own experiences and the students found this very interesting. As a school, we have already signed up for next year’s BIMA Digital day.”

Here at Impression, we are always looking for new opportunities to work with local schools in the area, to show young people the advantages of working in digital marketing. Digital Day provides a great opportunity to do just that.

We would strongly recommend any agency or school to sign up for Digital Day 2018. If you are a school who thinks you could benefit from working with Impression and would like to know more about careers in digital then please do not hesitate to email me directly:

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