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Brighton SEO: Proud Sponsor and Speaker

This article was updated on: 07.02.2022

Brighton SEO is one of our favourite conferences of the year – and it happens twice! What a treat!

The changing topics of Brighton over the years have followed the trends amongst our industry, and it’s always valuable to learn from the experts who take the stage and share their insights. It’s also a great place for us to consolidate what we’ve been working on and ensure we stay up to date on the latest tools and techniques.

This year, we’re both speaking at and sponsoring the event, which takes place on the 15th September 2017.

Impression on stage at Brighton SEO

I’m really excited to be speaking again at Brighton SEO. When I spoke for the first time on the topic of audience personas, it was such a huge accolade for me, so to do it again is incredible.

This time, I’ll be sharing six kick-ass content strategies to boost your digital PR and SEO efforts. I’ll be talking through some of the content formats we’ve found to be successful, and hopefully giving the audience plenty to take away and apply in their own strategies.

You’ll find me in Syndicate 1&2 at 14:30.

I’ll also be around the day before for training with the fabulous Laura Crimmons, so if anyone fancies meeting for a drink that evening, give me a shout! You can also check out my talk from 2016 here.

Title: Six Kick Ass Content Strategies to Boost Your Digital Campaigns

Who: Laura Hampton

Where: Syndicate 1&2

When: 14:30

Impression sponsors Brighton SEO

We’re such big fans of Brighton SEO that this time, we’ve decided to support it by becoming sponsors of the event!

Sponsoring Brighton SEO means that we are contributing to the ongoing growth and success of this amazing conference. It also means we get to put a leaflet in the goody bag, so look out for that!

We’ve been working closely with the team to provide any assistance we can in growing the event. As well as myself, a number of other members of the team will also be in attendance, so come seek us out!