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Craig Bates

Client Success Lead. Joined Impression in July 2021.

I studied English and then Creative Writing before beginning my agency career in 2013 as a Production Assistant. Initially developing an expertise in print, I quickly took on more account management and client-facing responsibilities, and over time came to see this as the most important part of my work. I like to focus on getting to the heart of what matters to my clients to ensure our partnership is as effective as possible.

At Impression, my day to day role sees me implementing new processes, finding the most efficient ways of working and regularly communicating with the delivery teams and our clients to make sure we’re on track to help our clients reach their goals.

Something that I’m proud of:
A story that I co-wrote was recently adapted into an animated film and screened at the Nottingham Puppet Festival.

Outside of work:
I enjoy a good book, taking photos, making beer, and getting out into the Peak District.

Craig Bates has specialist knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategy.