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The state of retail report

    It’s a challenging and turbulent time for businesses of all sizes across various industries. Despite lockdowns easing and brick-and-mortar stores reopening, real-world events such as the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis have contributed to consumer confidence hitting an all-time low.

    In addition to a host of external factors, brands are having to react and adapt to ever-changing consumer behaviour following the pandemic which has fundamentally changed the way that people browse and shop online.

    The 2020-2021 ecommerce boom resulted in huge spikes in revenue for some, now making it harder to meet year-on-year growth targets and manage stakeholder expectations of growth. So, what can you do to turn the current economic climate around for your brand to succeed in this Q4 and beyond?

    To help you operate in the retail and ecommerce space, download our white paper to learn about:

    • What’s currently happening – an overview of the current retail landscape
    • What we’re seeing – trends across industries 
    • What you can do next – successfully navigating a period of uncertainty

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