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Life after lockdown – the reopening of retail

10:00am via YouTube

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at Google again to help you explore opportunities online.

Over the last few years, global ecommerce sales have been steadily increasing but the forced closure of bricks and mortar stores has accelerated the shift to digital by 5+ years (Think with Google). Not only has the pandemic fundamentally changed the way consumers shop, but the ease of online shopping has made them more demanding and the marketplace is more competitive than ever before. As a marketer working in the retail industry, you’ll no doubt have felt some pressure to quickly adapt and increase your online presence. 

To help you get your campaigns and strategies ready for a heightened sense of consumer excitement that’s expected during the upcoming peak retail period, sign up for our webinar to hear tips on how you can best utilise digital as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy. You’ll learn to maximise your opportunity to target consumers and better communicate with them at each stage of their journey. Whether your business has high street stores or solely operates online, continuing to invest in your digital presence will help you to compete effectively and keep up with increased consumer expectations in a post-pandemic world. 

The live event has now passed but you can still watch the recording.

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Standing out when everyone is standing out

Yasmin Williams, Paid Media Lead, Impression

At Google’s recent Peak 21 event, we learned that the UK is the second most advanced ecommerce market in the world meaning it’s incredibly competitive and becoming increasingly harder to stand out in the crowded online space. Furthermore, with one third of consumers trying a new brand during the pandemic, it’s vital that your marketing strategy sets your business apart.

In the world of paid search, competition has been rife, more so than ever before! The pandemic has also brought about a new way of shopping in that more people are heading online for inspiration and consumer expectation of the online experience is much greater. In my talk, i’ll discuss the many ways in which the market has changed over the last year and what impact this will have on your business, as well as how you can stand out when everyone is standing out.

PDF Download: Standing out when everyone is standing out 

Payal Pahalajani, business development manager, Google

Over the course of the last 18months, user behaviour has drastically evolved as consumers have turned to solely shopping online. Unpredictable lockdowns saw the reopening and closing of ‘non-essential stores’ which resulted in an uncertain, ever-changing environment for retailers and consumers alike. As the world now opens up, new and old habits will once again be challenged. 

During this talk, I’ll share how changes in user behaviour have been shaping the latest trends in Retail, how brands and marketers are approaching these changes and lastly, how we recommend brands approach them and continue to evolve. 

PDF Download: How Shopping Has Changed

PDF Download: The Journey Reshaped

Charlie Norledge, Head of Technical SEO, Impression

At Impression, we’re seeing clients who have experienced incredible growth during the pandemic start to see a decline now that retail is opening back up. New consumer behaviour has led to an unpredictable landscape that’s resulting in fluctuating search demand. No matter what you’re selling, your retail business is likely to face unique challenges in successfully meeting the rising or falling needs of your customers. 

In my talk, I’ll provide you with insight into how to spot which search terms are increasing and decreasing. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to go away and apply this to your search strategies to make sure you’re targeting the most effective set of terms. 

PDF Download: Navigating the rising and falling needs of your customers