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Digital Strategy Training

Learn how to craft results-focused, data-driven strategies across the range of digital marketing opportunities.

Your digital strategy is an essential part of your marketing success. From the design, structure and build of your website through to the way you grow your online visibility to highly targeted advertising campaigns, your digital strategy plays an important part in your overall business goals.

What to expect from digital strategy training

Through digital strategy training, you’ll learn how to craft successful strategies. You’ll find out about the range of tools and methods to help you better understand your audience, how to set clear and measurable goals and the wide range of platforms and techniques to use on your journey.

Whether you’re just starting out in your digital plan or looking for a new way to supercharge your existing campaigns, we can help.

Your investment in digital strategy training should suit your current business requirements and team structure. We’ll work closely with you to understand where you are in your digital journey, how your business is resourced and where the greatest opportunities for digital growth lie.

We’ll then craft a training programme specific to you, ensuring you come out of it equipped with the skills to make a positive impact on your own business today and into the future.

Digital Strategy Training Modules

Example modules we might cover include:


Audience Understanding

Any successful digital strategy starts with a thorough understanding of the target audience. We’ll show you the tools and techniques to help you develop that knowledge.

Situation Analysis

Digital strategy is ever-changing and a situation analysis can help any business, whether you’re starting completely from scratch, or a seasoned and experienced enterprise. There is plenty of data available to you to better understand what’s worked well in your business or industry, and you’ll learn what’s likely to work well for you in the future.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Setting clear goals is essential if you’re to deliver a digital strategy that makes a tangible impact on your business. You’ll learn how to set goals and how to track them in a way that’s easy to communicate with your wider team.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is all about reaching your target audience when they’re searching for your products, services or areas of expertise online. You’ll learn what part SEO plays in your strategy and how to make the most of it for your own business.

Paid Media Advertising

PPC is rooted in granular level targeting and the application of budget on a priority basis to deliver the greatest possible return on investment. You’ll learn how and when to implement PPC in your own strategy for growth.

Content Promotion

Content marketing and digital PR are all about communicating your brand’s messages in the most compelling and attractive way to its target audience. You’ll learn how these techniques impact your wider digital strategy and how to use them together for greater results.

Web Development

Your website is your online shop window. Everything about it should appeal to your audience and encourage them to follow the most effective conversion path. You’ll learn how to assess the effectiveness of your website, where to invest in improvements and how to ensure it performs at its best now and into the future.

Campaign Structure and Buy In

Two of the biggest challenges any marketing director will face lies in planning out the resourcing around a campaign and gaining the buy in of those above and below. As an agency, we manage these issues frequently and you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise.

Who benefits from digital strategy training?

A digital strategy is the foundation for digital marketing success. It’s only with a solid overview of all available tools and techniques that you can craft an effective strategy that takes all opportunities into account.

Digital strategy training is therefore applicable across a range of business functions. From marketing directors setting the strategy for their business to marketing executives looking to improve their understanding of the big picture, to business owners wanting a greater overview of marketing opportunities, you can benefit from digital training with our multi-award winning team.

Why choose Impression?

Impression is a multi-award winning team of digital marketers that regularly crafts high-performance digital strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As a result, we are well placed to provide training at all levels. This includes bespoke training courses delivered in-house to businesses including Experian and Alltruck PLC, as well as training workshops via government programmes such as the Big House Project and in partnership with authorities such as city councils and universities.

How it works

Choose us for your digital strategy training and you can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insight to apply within your own business.

Our expert consultants deliver training as well as providing award-winning digital marketing services for our portfolio of clients. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and to craft a training programme around your objectives and resourcing.

The training itself can be delivered at our office in Nottingham or London, or we can come to you. Alternatively, we can source another venue if you’d prefer. We also provide training online via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Each training programme is accompanied by a slide deck and this, along with any supporting materials, is provided to you for your use after the session – meaning you can share it with your future team members too.

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