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Digital PR Training

Engage your audience with compelling messages targeted at gaining coverage in the places you want to be seen

An effective digital PR strategy will see your brand showcased in the online publications your target audience already reads, helping you to spread your messages to the people you want to attract.

What to expect from digital PR training

Digital PR is an integral part of SEO; when you can build strong and relevant links back to your website, you improve its authority and therefore search rankings, too.

Your investment in digital PR training with Impression will see you learn how to craft a successful digital PR strategy based on solid audience understanding, target publication lists and extensive knowledge of SEO techniques.

You’ll leave equipped with skills to apply in your own business and the forward-thinking knowledge to adapt to an ever-evolving discipline.

Your business has unique needs based on its own goals and digital marketing journey. We’ll work with you to craft a bespoke training plan that fulfils those needs and ensures you’re equipped to use your new skills to achieve positive results for your business.

These are some of the things we might cover in your digital training:


Digital PR strategy

You'll learn how to craft a digital PR strategy based on audience understanding, a clear set of target publications and a knowledge of what makes for a successful campaign.


Story Creation and Development

Your digital PR strategy depends on your ability to create compelling stories, whether there's tapping into news from your business or creating 'news from nothing' as a means of gaining coverage and traffic.


Press Release Writing

You'll learn how to structure a press release. Our team is comprised of traditional PR practitioners and ex-journalists, which means you'll benefit from their extensive experience in both writing and receiving press releases.


Media Relations

One of the core skills of PR lies in your ability to build relationships with members of the media - and this applies online almost as much as it did in the days of more traditional PR.

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Why choose Impression?

Impression is a multi-award winning agency with accreditations from the likes of Google, Bing and Facebook to recognise the high-quality of our work.

As a business, you’ll want to be sure that the investment you make in digital PR training is going to deliver a tangible return. Of course, much of the return you get will depend on you putting in the time to implement the strategies you learn. With that said, there are various reasons to trust Impression as your training provider, including:


digital PR training

Who would benefit from digital PR training?

Digital PR plays an integral part in any modern marketing plan and your investment in digital PR training should help you make the most of this exciting opportunity.

The majority of the training we do is for in-house teams who want to supercharge their existing campaigns and achieve even better results. We also work with more traditional PR practitioners, SEOs looking to develop their PR skills and business owners looking to better understand the PR opportunity.

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