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User testing results in 99% statistical confidence

SuperFi is an online retailer in the electronics and audio tech markets selling medium to high end audio and HiFi equipment.

The Challenge

The SuperFi website had not had any design updates or conversion rate optimisation work undertaken on it for over 3 years and was beginning to look dated. This was a problem across devices, both desktop and mobile.

We were engaged by SuperFi to undertake a redesign of three key website pages for their developers to build and take the learnings across the rest of the website. To ensure the new designs were fit for purpose and would provide a conversion uplift, they would be user tested prior to any development work to ensure they are better than the current site design.

For this campaign, our targets were:


Produce three new designs that are modern and have good UX across devices


Ensure the new designs are statistically significantly better than the current design

The Strategy

To begin, we evaluated the current site to see what CRO elements they already had that could be useful to bring into the new design. We found:

  • Social proof – TrustPilot testimonials
  • Good USPs – Price guarantee, Free delivery, 2 year warranty, 40 years of expertise

These were both engaging elements that could boost the value proposition from SuperFi and needed to be more apparent to the users.



The next step was to review the competitors and see what was going on in the marketplace, look for design trends, themes and UX. The most noticeable finds were:

  • Use of high quality large images – To allow users to see the products in as much detail as possible and bridge the gap between the in store and online experience
  • Enable UX to allow users to get to their desired category quickly and easily
  • An uncluttered clear concise page design to give a feel of luxury and quality to the user

Preference Test Results

We asked 30 user testers chosen to closely match SuperFi’s customer demographic which version they preferred and why.



This result gave us a 99% statistical confidence that our new design was better and would outperform the existing site.

When asked “why do you prefer that design?” user testers said:

  • “Easier to see options for progression, and information about delivery / warranty”
  • “Much cleaner and clearer”
  • “It looks a more conservative and mature design than the other version”
  • “It looks sufficiently modern and contains the elements I would expect”

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