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Road Angel

Boosting conversions through optimised product pages

Road Angel provides technology for British motorists, keeping roads safer for everyone.

The Challenge

Impression was tasked to identify issues on Road Angel’s website that could be causing conversion rate issues.

Following a Google Analytics dive and visual analysis, Impression identified issues with the websites product pages. Following our findings, tasked us with creating a new optimised product page for Road Angel, to help boost conversions.



The Existing Design

Road Angel had an existing design created which we needed to review and then optimise further to ensure any change to the live site would be a positive one.

The design had some useful elements for us to bear in mind for when we created our own design, such as:


Messaging and information


More images

Our Design

Our new design ensured that the user had all of the information needed to complete a purchase. We made sure that information was easily digestible and the product was showcased effectively through imagery.

We believed that customers would be keen to understand what the recorded footage looked like before purchase. Our new design focused on clearly showing the footage of the dashcam. We achieved this by adding in a video and a still image of the footage.

We also added CRO elements to help reduce user anxiety and increase trust and buy-in. This was achieved by adding reviews higher up the page to increase visibility and adding a new awards section to boost Road Angel’s value proposition.



User Testing Round 1

The next stage in our process was to get feedback on the designs and see which one was best and discover why.

To do this we ran a preference test with 30 user testers that are the demographic of the Road Angel target audience.

The testers are asked:


Which design do you prefer?


Why do you prefer that design?


RESULTs and feedback

Our design was only slightly better

We had hoped our design would have performed better but this was not the case, it was preferred but not by enough users to make it a significant result.

  • Not enough to be statistically significant or sure of making a positive impact if our version was made live on the site
  • Look at the answers from the users, what parts of both did they like from each design.

Impression design

We asked users why they preferred the Impression design

The feedback from users on our design was very positive, the stand out elements giving us a higher score were:

  • Cleaner design
  • Easier to absorb information
  • Buying options were clearer
  • Dashcam footage included
  • Reviews included higher up the page

Other Design

We asked users why they preferred the other design

The feedback on the other design showed us exactly where we needed to improve our design to get a statistically significant result:

  • Bigger images
  • Use the TrustPilot review block

The Improved Design

How we improved our design

  • Bigger hero image
  • Bigger product image added below the dashcam image
  • Video footage moved higher up the page
  • Larger product image added into the page the user encounters as they scroll through the content.
  • TrustPilot review block added



User Testing Round 2

The second test condition matched the first to ensure a fair test. We used the same amount of testers and the same demographic settings.

The testers were asked the same questions:


Which design do you prefer?


Why do you prefer that design?

The Winning Result

Our second version performed better, and the difference was 95.0% likely to be statistically significant.

This means that you can be confident that it is actually better, and not performing better due to random chance.



The Stats

We achieved the following results:


preferred the new version vs 11 against


Statistical significance

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