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Big Clothing 4 U

Paid media channels drive 305% increase in website purchases

BigClothing4U specialise in big and tall men’s clothing. The company was created to make clothing more inclusive for all, offering a range of clothes that better suits the need of larger men – not only fitting comfortably and being stylish but also longer lasting and being of higher quality.

The Challenge

BC4U appointed Impression to drive online success through paid media channels including paid social, paid search and shopping.

Back in 2018, paid social activity was an integral part of BC4U’s marketing strategy. More recently, prior to working with Impression, this activity became limited and little content was being pushed live. They tasked Impression to generate a profitable return with a more modest media spend as a short term solution before they looked to ramp activity back up to previous 2018 levels of traffic.

BC4U also had previous experience in running paid search and shopping campaigns but they challenged Impression to build on this to achieve their objectives.

With the above in mind, our objectives were to drive revenue and transactions further, whilst ensuring that spend levels were kept within agreed limits.

The Strategy

We implemented separate strategies to suit each channel, ensuring campaigns were suited to each platform.


  • We used around 40% of the budget to focus on a prospecting campaign targeting lookalike visitors of people who recently purchased from BC4U
  • The other 60% of the budget focused on various different remarketing campaigns
  • A further key aspect of the BC4U social account is the number of different ad variants we are split testing, thanks to the wide array of creatives our client provided. As a result, we have been able to run with;
    • GIF ads
    • Single Image
    • Carousel
    • Dynamic Remarketing
    • Video
    • Instant experience ads
  • Having such a wide variety has helped find the most effective variants that resonate with their audience and help improve performance



We needed to ensure that coverage was spread across a number of key products whilst allowing for an increased brand presence. As such:

  • We sought to ensure greater visibility on both sizing related and slightly more generic ‘large clothing’ keywords.
  • Noting both key competitors and brands we looked to target relevant, engaging copy to individuals searching for similar products and ranges
  • Brand campaigns took on an increased role, looking to dominate search pages and ensure an increased awareness of the business.
  • We implemented different audience targeting techniques, ensuring these were ran in tandem with custom website audiences.
  • We also sought to re-engage site users with the introduction of dynamic search remarketing campaigns.



We sought to break campaigns out into three separate categories. These were split based on branded and generic terms and used search query filtering to ensure relevance.

  • We ensured that campaigns ran in line with up to date product listings and that where necessary these were broken out by product type.
  • Similar to search campaigns, we ensured that relevant affinity and custom audience targeting was added to shopping campaigns to ensure greater relevance.
  • We applied product type attributes to feed and from here subdivided campaigns by top performers. This allowed for a more granular approach to optimisation.

The Results

We’re pleased to have achieved above and beyond for our client.

The below results reflect a time period of 1st Jun – 21st Oct vs 10th Jan – 31st May.


increase in website purchases across both channels


increase in revenue across both channels


rise in revenue from shopping campaigns


increase in purchases

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