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Romina Di Vito

Senior Digital PR Strategist. Joined Impression in January 2023

I graduated from Southampton Solent in 2014 with a degree in Magazine Journalism & Feature Writing. After graduating, I set up a personal blog and pursued my passion for writing by getting my first ‘ media-related’ job at an e-commerce deals company as a copywriter where I stayed for over a year. 

In December 2017, I left to join a marketing agency as a PR, starting out as an outreach executive. Over the years my role and responsibilities expanded to the point where I specialised in ideation and campaigns. Since then, I have been at other agencies where my role became more client-facing and.

No two days are the same and it’s definitely a role that involves lots of multitasking. I run my accounts and get stuck in ideation, writing and editing press releases, alongside managing my pod.

Something that I’m proud of:
Getting on the property ladder and adopting my ginger ball of fluff, Pumpkin (he’s a cat by the way)!

Outside of work:
I’m a real homebody and love all things cosy, especially crochet. I recently finished a King Size granny square blanket, and have started on my next project which is also my first clothing project – a woolly cardigan. I’m also a bit of a geek and love gaming, Twitch and anime – Japan is at the top of my bucket list.

Romina Di Vito has specialist knowledge in Digital PR.

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