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Damian Summers

Head of Digital PR. Joined Impression in August 2019.

I’ve always loved the news and media and decided to study this at University. I graduated with a degree in journalism from Sheffield Hallam and since then have had various stints in local and national radio with the BBC before moving into PR. My career in PR began in traditional PR before moving into digital PR in 2019 at Impression.

Generally, on a day to day basis, I spend my time working across a range of industries creating creative campaigns for our clients that build links, coverage, brand awareness and in turn impact their SEO visibility.

Something that I’m proud of:
I rescued a dog this year. He’s a Jug and he’s called Stanley!

Outside of work:
I enjoy running, visiting new places, learning new things and trying my hand at DIY.

Damian Summers has specialist knowledge in Digital PR.

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